5 Practical Strategies for Project Managers

Following are the 5 important Practical Strategies for Project Managers to do effective management of projects.


  1. Communication:

Effective communication is vital for the success of the project. Project manager must spend 90% of his time on communication. He should develop a right strategy at the start of the project to ensued delivery of right communication/ message to the right person at right time. He must ensure the information is precise, crisp and clear. The medium of exchange of project information also must be carefully selected.

  1. Managing Changes:

Changes happens. Changes are inevitable on any project. The important is how do a project manager manages changes. Hence, Project manager must put in place a right strategy and process to manage changes. This is important strategy which can be implemented smoothly on the project.

  1. Focus on Triple Constraints:

Project Manager must spend time on focusing Scope, Cost and Time with a view on quality of deliverables. These are triple constraints. There should be right trade off between these. Any imbalance can have large impact on project.

  1. Be a cheerleader and Keep Things Positive:

Project Manager must be cheerful and yet calm and cool under pressure. He should not show off stress on his face and through any body language. This can have impact on morale of his team member. He must always remain positive and cheerful to keep the momentum going and create a positive eco system.

  1. Recognise Achievements:

Project manager should keep the emotional bank full of praising for those who are doing good work. This helps in boosting the morale of team members. Celebrate smallest of achievements with the team members.

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