Great Learning from Balloon Story

A group of people was asked to hold balloon in one hand and a toothpick was given to them in another hand. The instructor asked them to hold and wait for instructions. The instructor then said that after 2 minutes whoever has the balloon will be declared as winner. No other instruction was given.


After listening this , everybody started to insert the tooth pick into others balloons. Some ganged up to get rid of balloon from others. At the end of two minutes , no one had any balloon in their hand. Hence, no one was declared a winner.


What we learn from this story is most of the  we ,  human being try to take others down and do not want others to succeed. At the end no one succeed and hence no one is winner. If every one would have to just thought for a minutes  stood without doing anything , holding their balloon in their hand, all would have been winners. But no one thought this and every one started to chase others.


We need to understand the power of togetherness and not compete with each other everywhere. As in the song in “Lagaan” says, “Panch Mili to Ban gayee Mutthi”, we need to be thinking of others and remain together. We must think on creation and not about competition. We should not get success by making others in loss.


Please remember,


Alone we are a drop, together we can become an ocean,

Alone we are a singe thread, together we can become a cloth,

Alone we are a single page, together we can become a book,

Alone we are single word, together we can become a great speech,

Alone we are a single stone, together we can become a grand monument.

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