How To Be Productive At Work

How To Be Productive At Work

How to be productive is always a question in our mind. We always find at the end of the day that nothing is achieved. The day was horrible. What I planned could not be achieved. These are regular problems of our life.  We always find that the time is less and lot of things to do. It is important to increase productivity by prioritizing the task as per the important

Some of the hacks which can help in improving productivity are:

1. Get rid of  Notifications

Most people have habit to checking their email inbox ever now and then. Even if the new message is not arrived one still go and check it. This is not the right practice. If you want a quick productivity improvement, checking your email less frequently is an easy change to make. It is important to set timelines to check email and need to stick those timelines. Nothing happens in this world if you don’t check email for 1 hour.  It is also important to note that one spent lot of time writing lengthy emails . Emails response must be crisp and should convey the right message in limited number of sentences.

Another important point is notifications coming on phone for various social media apps like what’s app, Facebook, Insta and many others. It is important to switch off these notifications which can create extreme distraction at time. Decide to go on your social media apps in certain period of interval. Once in the afternoon and in the evening is fine.

2. Focus

Multitasking does not produce the right result in time. It is important to focus on one task and get it completed. Please note that if one focuses on one task at time, his time to complete the task can be drastically reduced and the result of focus will be amazing. One does not have to go back and do rework spending additional time again to rectify the work. Avoid all distractions and remember to say NO when you are focussing on certain activity.

3. Start With The Hard Task

Don’t postpone the hardest task to later part of the day. Do it first in the day. Mind is fresh and one is more energetic early in the morning. Get on that hardest task and one will be able to solve that task easily and early. Laster part of the day, one cannot find the energy and mind to get into it. It then gets postposed to next day.

4. Take Brain Breaks

As for body, brain also needs break in between. It is important to take short breaks in between which can relax the brain and one can get some more energy to carry out the task. Even 5 min breaks can work. These breaks help to relieve stress and one can get back and with more energy to complete the task.

5. Run Few, More Focused & Result Oriented Meetings

Lot of time is wasted in unproductive meeting and many without any agenda. It is important to keep the meeting in afternoon or later part of the day and not at the start of the day. Meeting must be focuses and short with focus on getting the outcomes.

·         Keep meetings simple , small and short—only invite people vital to the meeting. Meeting room should not be flooded with many people. It does not work and lot of man-hours are wasted.

·         Pick a single topic for the meeting and don’t get side-tracked.

·         Consider holding the meeting in a space that allows everyone to stand—which will help in keeping as short as possible.

·         Start and finish meetings on time.

·         At the conclusion of the meeting, make sure that there is a plan of action for the day, week, or even month.


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