Lazy & Smart Project Manager

How to be Productively Lazy

By being lazy I do not mean, doing nothing, sitting and chatting on something irrelevant to Project, and in the process Project Milestones getting delayed. This kind of behavior from project manager will have huge impact on his career itself.

Lazy do not mean stupid. It is important to involve and focus on very critical activities where Project Manager can add value rather than spending time on non-critical, non-productive activities and keeping oneself busy. Those activities can be delegated to someone else.

Every one is aware of Pareto’s 80/20 principles which says 80% of results come from 20% of focused efforts. It is applied in many aspects of our life. Hence, one has to be lazy in a smart way. Productive Laziness requires something more that is powerful and magical combination of laziness and intelligence. Smart Lazy people have different position in society and they are the most suited for leadership roles in an organization. These people really utilize the principle of 80/20 and channelize the energy to get best out of optimal resources. Project Manager hence must look at that 20% where he or she must be focused to get maximum progress on a project. The balance running and repetitive tasks can be handled by someone else.


Every project has thick start and at the end. It is thin in between. Project Manager must involve at the start with full focus and make sure that the project initiation is done in right manner. The platform is made at the beginning so that subsequent activities can be done easily. The planning, setting up for processes, clearing all the decisions, getting right person at right place are the most critical activities in the beginning, if done well will have much better impact on the project. Projects do not fail at the end , they fail at the beginning itself. Well begun is always good for project success. Similarly, at the end, Project manager must get all stakeholders together and close off all the issues to get project closed. If this is not done, most of the valuable time is wasted without any result and project closure gets delayed. I am not saying that in the middle of the project, Project manager should not get involved. Project Manager must have total control on all phases. He must devote time in motivating people, showing that love and affection to the team to boost their performance, monitor and have an eye on the progress. He or she can spend time on all these activities. This is possible if he spends 80% of his efforts in the beginning to initiate the project effectively.

It is  like in one day Cricket match , if the opening batsman make great start in the beginning, in most of the matches, it relieves the pressure of the middle order batsman and they can play easily on the platform made by the opening batsman. In the end stages of overs , the hard hitting batsman can come and make great score which can help in winning the match.

As a Project Manager we must constantly learn and move ahead by taking smart decisions…

“Progress is not made by early rises. Its made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something”._ Robert Heinlein


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