Leadership In Crisis

The current situation is teaching us many lessons. This is a unprecedented situation which no one has an experience to deal with. Effective leadership will be tested for many leaders now.We will now come to learn that hiding bad news is a bad idea. It is time now to master the leadership skills to tell the truth and to engage people in the hard work of creating solutions together.

Mastering the art and management of teams which are under various mental frames will become an even more critical focus.Working in flexible groups with shifting membership, often from different locations, to address specific challenges.It depends on  how long the current situation lasts, we may see a shift away from traditional static organizational structures toward dynamic  and fluid  team forms. This only works well under conditions of psychological safety, when leaders have made it crystal clear that every team member is allowed to speak up with new ideas, issues, and obviously bad news.

It is unprecedented to have a large group of teams all over the world start working remotely at the same moment. The situation is some what like what happened after world war II.World changed in many ways. However, this situation is extreme as entire world is getting impacted at same time and with rapid speed. Businesses may be able to learn how to move faster than before, take agile way of working  and sail through.

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