Learnings from Garry Kasparov Speech

I heard one of the great speech by Great Gary Kasparove. I am sharing some insights from it which will be very valuable to many

Garry Kasparov one of the legendary sportsman in chess, became world champion at the age of 22 years. In the year 1895, he won against 32 computers. There was no big news then as computer world was evolving. 12 years later, in the year 1997, IBM built a super computer. The first match against this super computer was won by Garry. However, he lost the second match and it was a big news in the world. Garry Kasparavo was beaten by computer for the first time.

However, this was not the first time the competition with man vs machines. The 19th Century African-American folk hero, John Henry, was said to be the best of all the steel-drivin’ men.  According to some musical accounts of his life, he was bet that he could not beat a new steam powered hammer in a tunnelling contest.  Henry won, but it cost him his life, as shown in a later line in the song, ‘And he laid down his hammer and he died’.  The linkage between working ‘too hard’ and its consequences on health are clearly shown in the death of this legendary folk figure.

John Henry lies dead after beating the steam drill. Painting by Palmer Hayden. © Smithsonian American Art Museum

In 1997, Gary Kasparov was world champion. He was like mount Everest. However, machines were victorious but still machines were not intelligent. People behind building this super computer were intelligent. Garry Kasparov said when before his match with super computer, he used to play against humans. He used to see his opponent, watch their body language, emotional state and also would know the moves from other end. But with computer it was not possible to see these aspects. Also, there was no fear in computer.

After his defeat, instead of looking at negativity, he came out with positive side. As per him, we must face fears and conquer if we want to get best out of humanity. As per him we must work together with machines and achieve excellence. Only machines cannot do everything. Human minds are beyond any imagination. As per his words, we must combine human intuition with machine calculations, human experience with machine’s memory.

After this episode, there was a match with grand master plus top machines/computer with average players and normal computers. However, the match was won by the average players. The difference was the process adopted. The process was superior with the average players.

It is like we cannot send our kids with self-driving cars with 90% accuracy. Hence, process is important and the accuracy out of the output of process is critical.

Intelligent machines are everywhere. Huge pressure on humanity is created by machines. We have to speed up. Technology is moving and making life difficult, creating uncertain challenges. We cannot sit down. If we want to grow fast we must combine calculations of machines with our understanding, instruction of machines with our purpose, machine objectivity with our passion. We need to dream, dream big. We need machines to get our dreams. If we fail, we cannot blame machines we can only blames our complacency.

Hence don’t get rattled by failures, work around them and achieve your dreams.

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