Lets live and let other live…….

Life is something lot of people are still finding a real meaning of it . Many people have given many  definitions of life. I think definition of life is given to all of us by this current situation. It has opened up so many ideas of life.

World was moving at extremely rapid speed. Due to this speed some were getting left out and only few were moving ahead. Huge gap was getting created between Humans- Humans &  Human- Environment. Life definition was getting converted to money & power and power. It was getting concentrated in few hands. This was resulting in marginalizing of many.

World was getting dirtier every day. Human were killing each other to get supremacy over others. Many started talking language of war. Still , were telling we are progressing. While its was progression of some in terms of money and power, it was depression for many.

How can some numbers and some complex formulas of own conveniences decide the progress of worlds where many people die due to hunger and lack of medical care . How can we see so many people stranded without any shelter and food.

Humans were after nature, disturbing their eco system for own selfishness. The alerts were getting sent by the nature in the form of wild fires, floods, earth quakes and many other means. We used to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to those alerts.

This pause has taught us that everybody is equal. So called rich people also knew what is the basic minimum requirement to live your life. The sad part of it is that those basic minimum requirements are also not available with many  in this world. Huge amount of wastage is stopped. No flashy parties, no flashy clothing’s, no costly jewelry  and many such costly items are not essential part of life.

The benchmark is set by nature that this world is not only for humans. There are various elements in the nature who are required to co-exist. No one should dominate and interfere others. Many people in this situation has shown an example of “GIVING”. The “GIVING” in the form of money as well as efforts to fight this pandemic.

We as humans must take learnings out of this situation and do not repeat what we have been doing wrong. World has come together to fight this pandemic. This unity must be shown in all areas of our life in future. The world must come together to save nature as well. Lets hope, The world will be rise again and show new way and leave behind a legacy  for generations to come…


  1. Every morning in Africa , a deer wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed . Every morning a lion wakes up .It knows it must outrun the slowest deer or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or deer
    ‘When the Sun comes up
    ‘You better be running’
    That’s life no complacency .

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