Managing Communications Effectively ( Part-II)

Project Manager spend 90% of his time on communication. However, on more complex and large projects, as a project manager we don’t want to be the only person communicating with all stakeholders. It is important to involve other team members as per their role and expertise in stakeholder communications on components of the project. Project Manager though, has to be in full control on communication. He can manage the overall communications but enable for others to be involved. On some project, a specific team working at remote location and possible in close proximity with the stakeholder. It is therefore important for that team to have direct communication with stakeholder there. The communication can be more effective in this case. As a project manager needs to have control on such communication. As a best practice, PM want to check in with stakeholders to ensure communications about the project meet their needs (and not just my own needs as the project manager). This can be done through sending a brief email to stakeholder or do a survey that asks certain questions like:

  1. What is working in how we communicate with you about the project?
  2. What is not working in our communications? Any issues? Examples?
  3. Where can we improve our communications with you? Any suggestions?

For more complex and large projects that require significant stakeholder buy-in and commitment. These questions can be asked based on project requirement and timing of these questions can be decided based on project and stakeholder.

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