Overcome Challenges

Extract of  “Introduction” from my Book ” Person of Your Dream”

In current situation we are losing precious lives across the world. But the pandemic has also bonded the entire world together to fight this deadly infection. The world is united, like never before, to find a rapid solution for this pandemic. However, this situation has forcefully reminded us to be disciplined. Discipline in all areas of our life, all phases of our life. The way we live and interfere with fundamental laws of nature and the way in which we interact with the environment, the way we have interfered with other species – i.e. wild life.  Homo sapiens, when they started migrating, have completely destroyed many species in places around the world – Australia, North America and South America!  This pause in our usual activities has forced us to introspect – ask ourselves difficult questions about what truly matters to us and the last few days have been a lesson for all of us. God and Nature has shown us a mirror and given us a grim reminder of what can happen if we do not take action to thoroughly discipline ourselves. It seems that the events are a reflection of the power of God – stopping the entire world with just one single action. We have been reminded about the power of nature, our place on this planet and of the law of compensation: ‘what we sow is what we reap’! The more we develop, the more complex are our activities and our society gets even more intricate. We have interfered with fundamentals of natural life and to our complex, sophisticated society, the impact is high.  One can imagine such a busy, complex, inter-connected world that we have created, with infinite activities conducted continuously across the globe come to a grinding halt. Everything is paused.

I am sure that we will undoubtedly learn from this and respond with appropriate actions till our lives gradually but surely return to normal. Life will move on. All of us now have this unanticipated, unique and forced break from our routine work and time to introspect.  There is an old Hindi movie song that is apt for this situation “Anewala pal janewala hai ho sake to isme zindagi bitado”. (These times too shall pass; learn to live in the moment). Prior to this unforeseen lock down, everyone was dreaming of retiring, growing old and achieving one’s life goals. Perhaps, in this period, due to the massive onslaught of news predicting mostly negative things about the future, one’s dreams might have got dented to a large extent and even shattered. These dire projections about the future unknowingly leach into your minds. Hold on!  Life is not over yet. We cannot surrender so easily and tamely. We cannot give up just like that – without a fight! We have to try, try and try again.

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