Perception is defined as a process by which an individual’s organise and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. In simple words it is the act of seeing what is there to be seen.

Many times we make perception about a person without even knowing him or her fully. Based on the perception we make decisions which go wrong. When people are involved there are bound be to issues related to perception. The status of relationship whether it is good or bad mostly depends on perception. Many people make judgement without fully understanding the other side. Sometime we carry the impressions of some one for long time and when we actually meet the person and understand it, we get the right idea. Hence, it is important to understand fully before we make any opinion of take decision.

Here are some of the guidelines to improve perception.

  1. Amplify the Signal

It is important to get into deep and amplify the details before we make opinion or decision. Mere a small signal should not be the basis for making an opinion. It is important to uncover the real emotions, feelings and the root cause behind it. Hence whatever details, data, signal we get, we must amplify it.

  1. Avoid Mind Reading

Many make their judgement by reading the mind of others which can be wrong. The mind reading won’t give the exact details. Instead ask questions, probe it to find out the right details.

  1. Distinguish between facts and inferences

It is important to draw facts and not depend upon the inferences. Inferences can go wrong while facts remain facts. Always try to find facts before taking any decision.

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