Productivity Hacks

  1. Don’t Try to Remember Everything

It is difficult to keep everything in mind. It can be also source of confusion. It is important try to NOT remember everything as mind dispenses the least amount of energy in remembering tasks or even context.

Always carry a note book and write it down. Put tasks in a calendar. Please note” mind’s energy must be spent in thinking . Not remembering!


  1. Document Everything!

Always have 3 notebooks

  • Ideas
  • To do List for the day
  • Meeting notes

Writing helps brain in understanding the importance of topic


  1. Put everything on a Calendar

Everything and anything can be put on  a calendar.

  1. Use Technology for everything possible

For all repetitive tasks, technology can be used and one can focus on productive tasks.Store all your important documents like licenses, PAN Card on “ Digilocker”.

  1. Try and find 15 Min for Afternoon Power Nap

This is powerful and it refreshes one with this powerful nap of 15 min or so.

  1. Always focus on Important than on urgent things.

Try for atleast 1 improvement in a day in your life. Even Smallest one can give excellent results.

“ Focus on being productive instead of busy”… Tim Ferris.

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