Project Resource Management

Human resource is critical for success of the project. Human resource is difficult to manage. One can manage machines, materials, money but if one is unable to manage the human resource project shall fail. This knowledge area in Project Management is extremely important. This knowledge area include processes that organize , manage and lead the project team.

As per PMBOK 6, there are six processes to manage human resources on projects. These are as under:

1.Plan Resource Management: This is the first process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage and use team and physical resources. This isvery important process which establishes the approaches and level of management efforts required to manage resources. In many project this is neglected and resources are obtained  and managed in haphazard manner and project become extremely difficult to manage. With the help of lot of tools like organization chart and structures, RACI ( Responsibility, Accountability ,Control and Information) Matrix ,one can get a plan on how to proceed further. A plan as an output of this process give us roles and responsibilities , proposed org chart and relationship of resources, staffing management plan with a proper histogram, acquire and release plan and training needs etc. This process gives an overview on what is supposed to be plan in terms of resources management on the project.

2 .Estimate Activity Resources :  This is the process of estimating types and quantities of resources required to complete the project. It is important to get project team and with their experience and data base to get accurate estimates for completing the project. If there is a mistake here, It will have direct impact on project success .

  1. Acquired Resources: This is the process of acquiring human resources as well as physical resource to complete the project.

It is important to note here on getting right resource at right position and at right time. This is the key to success of any project.

4 . Develop team:  Once the resources are on board it is important to get every one engaged and right productivity is obtained as per plan. Project Managers leadership plays an vital role. This is the process of improving competencies of team with required trainings, team member interaction and overall team environment to enhance the project performance.

This results in commitment and ownership of each team member toward project success.

5 . Manage team: Every human resources is different from others. Hence it is important to track team members performance, provide constructive feedback, resolve issues and manage team changes to optimize the project performance.

When human resource is involved, issues and conflict are bound to happen. It is important to resolve such issues and conflicts to avoid any impact on project success. It is also required to look at the aspect of attrition and removal of team members due to various reasons from project. Managing of team changes , hence, is extremely important. Getting a new resource in the middle of the project and making sure his/her entry is smooth and he or she adopts quickly to project environment.

There are various ways of managing conflicts and leadership aspect of Project Manager plays a very important role. The best way to manage a conflict is to confront and solve the problem . Getting team together, discussing the real issues and getting the solution which is accepted by all is critical.

5 . Control Resource: This is the process of ensuring resources assigned and allocated to project as planned are available. Also the tracking of planned vs actual utilization of resources is done and wherever the corrective actions are necessary the actions are initiated.

This process ensures the availability of right resources at right time and release of the resources as planned.

Some of the important points when it comes to Human Resources are:


  • Human Resource is very critical resource in success of Project
  • Human Resource is Difficult to Manage
  • Discipline is key to Successful Management of Project
  • Ground Rules needs to set at the start of Project
  • Ground Rules must be clear, transparent and practical
  • Individual Goals must be set inline with Project Goals
  • Right person for Right position is important
  • Goals must be Reviewed Periodically
  • Constructive Feedback must be given
  • Transparent reward and recognition policy
  • Small Achievements must be celebrated
  • Right Environment for boosting morale needs to be created
  • Leaders must Walk the Talk

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