Risk Management

How to avoid disasters and major risk on Project. Following are most important points to be noted

1. Communication
Communication among stakeholders is key. Right communication , at right time , to right stakeholders  make life easy . This enable awareness among all stakeholders

2. Under Estimated Timelines
Poor time estimates is another area we must look at. Wrong time estimates and to achieve that lot of pressures is created . This lead to disaster on projects.

3. Failure to get Deep and understand the micro  level details
Looking the project only from top view and not going deep is another reason. Some times overlooking the smallest issue can create big problems on project.1999, Failed Mars Mission by NASA is great example. The root cause was 2 different measurement units were used by different scientist.

4. Team Ownership
Team work is very critical for success of project. If the team is not committed , major issues can come up.

5. Management Attention
Management attention and their decision making process plays vital role. If there is no enough attention , this can go wrong.

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