In today’s world there are rapid changes are happening ever than before in the history of mankind. It is affecting person, family, environment as well as to organization. The changes are in environment, technology, economy and socially too.

World is accelerating. There is hardly any time to think and implement. However, the fundamental issues remain in everywhere which is of implementation of strategy. The ability to implement one’s thinking or strategy is critical. People spend lot of time in board room and conference rooms to devise strategy and failed to implement. Strategy and implementation are both side of one coin. One can me excellent strategy and do not execute has no meaning. One who make mediocre strategy and execute will have some meaning and success.

In today’s context, major problem is of uncertainty. Uncertainty due to constant change. Changes are accelerating and hence problems too are accelerating. Hence implementation of any strategy will have to go through many risks. The risks have created lot of stress among ourselves. Everyone is under stress. Our standard of living might have gone up but our quality of living has gone down. There is no happiness in life.

However, life has to move on keeping the happiness approach in mind. In all of these, once cannot sit idle. It does not mean one cannot implement the strategy. Risks have to be taken. In today’s situation one wo takes risks, fail fast, learn and start again wins. One who fins solution become winner.

What is winning or Success. As per Dr. Ichak Adizes its

“External Integration/ Internal Disintegration”


External Integration is business strategy, plans, focusing on capability and capacity to reach, penetrate and increase sales. Integration of all aspects to increase your share. This is measured by repeat sales.

Internal Disintegration is nothing but internal conflicts and fights among various team, pain, misunderstanding and lack of trust and noise. This needs to be reduced. It’s a like a car which cannot run as several components cannot function together.

When there is a noise, one does not focus outward, one focus to solve the internal issues, mind gets blocked by noise.

In above formulae the external integration has to be increased and internal disintegration has to be minimized. It cannot be made zero though as people are involved. Where there are people there will be some issue always. With this organization or person can reach and sustain the success.

Leadership or person should annual checkup and take action to minimize the internal disintegration. The focus must be on building internal trust. It’s a Vitamin for building sustainable successful organization or a person. The action has to be taken simultaneously on both the aspects. It is important to note that if outside world is changing, the inside must change too.

One person cannot do anything. It is important to have complimentary team with different thinking but with common goal for the organization. There has to be proper balance. It is said that for proper democracy, there has to be a strong opposition. Then the checks are balances are maintained.  However, only opposing views won’t work. There has to be mutual respect among all the team members. In most organization or even in our families which do not function have the opposing view but the mutual respect is missing. That is the big problem which can disintegrate organizations and can create chaos in families. There has to be fight but for the good, for the common goal. The fight in opposition and ruling party in any country must be for the betterment of the country and its people. One can study performing origination and find that economics or profit of that company is due to the mutual respect each team member has towards others.

The leader’s job as per Dr. Ichak Adizes is like a thumb. Without Thumb, there is no hand. Thumb can feel any other finger. All the fingers are different. Leader’s job is to get the all these different fingers work together towards a common goal.

Organization will have different types of people and can have different style of working. It is important to have collaborative approach to have better decision making. Leader has a role to play. Please remember a famous quote from Albert Camus

Don’t walk ahead of me- I might now follow.

Don’t walk behind me – I may not lead.

Walk beside me and be my friend.

Life or profit = Time x Energy

The time is in no one’s hand. But the positive investment is made in energy, one can have positive life or profit. Life or profit is related to the health of a person or organization. Without  a strong health, a person cannot fight the disease and remain fit. All the diseases are from disintegration. It is important to fix inside to fight outside. Without profit, organization cannot fight the uncertainty and can collapse. Without profit organization cannot handle market.

  It is important to create a culture of togetherness, listening to each other, have common Vision, Mission and values, right and diverse organization structure , discipline and right people with hunger to perform to create a successful life and successful organization.

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